#NCPphoto Project – Update

#NCPphoto Project. 

I wanted to share the news that the project is completed – for now. This is the last image taken on Tuesday 9th December at 2027hrs
This image encapsulates everything I want to communicate in the images for NCP. NCP wanted to evoke a welcoming feeling, for people to enjoy the experience of using their new, clean, safe and modern, well-lit car parks. On a night like this, who wouldn’t be reassured seeing the welcoming sight of a bright and sheltered haven after a cold and wet commute?   

This is just a teaser, though. You MUST check back to see the full release of images from the project. You will see insights of how, where, when and why of the project, see links to see where they are being used. 

But mostly, you will see incredible images of huge architecture. A project with a mammoth task to rebrand and to engage customers like never before. To provoke a reaction within people to make them look at NCP Car Parks like they never have before. 

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