#NCPphoto Project – Stockport

Sometimes you have to do what you have to do

A flagship, brand new car park for NCP Ltd. 

Investment into communities is important to NCP. A major part of the brief was to show how NCP Ltd is investing into improving the image of car parks. As huge buildings, often dominating  the skyline of town centres. This building, is anything but shy. It boasts an outer skin of aerated steel. It rusts, it will discolour and change throughout the year, warmer in cold, wet months, cooler in the warm, dry months. 

Architecturally, it is stunning to look at. 

I thought I’d share how this image was taken. 

Tied to the outside

I needed an exterior shot of the signage and branding. There was only one way. 

A view from in camera

It was high, yes. But strapped to the exterior frame with harness all perfectly safe. 

Check back soon for more updates on the #NCPphoto project. 

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