Staff portraits – Corporate head shots

Corporate portraits for your business

An iPhone is a superb piece of kit. But, even Steve Jobs did not envisage the office geek taking your profile photo with it. I am not saying it isn’t up for the job, it has a superb camera, look at my Instagram account  and you will see hundreds of images I have taken with my iPhone. But, a corporate business portrait should be taken with more care. 

Your business portrait should be a considered and carefully arranged photograph, designed to support your brand, giving customers clear information about who they are dealing with.

  • It requires a special set of skills, all that I have learnt over many years of taking portraits professionally.
  • The main one being setting nerves to rest and making sure my client is relaxed and comfortable, meaning I can elicit natural and relaxed expressions, producing images people are happy to have used on the company’s website.
  • An ability to light people in a flattering way ensuring details like hair light and bright eyes. This may be with available light, with modifiers or portable studio lights. 
  • To be able to work efficiently and with minimal upset to normal working routines.  

Portraits of employees – Photography of employees

Professional photography of your staff is incredibly versatile. Profile photography can be used for website ‘About’ pages, or ‘meet the team’ pages, to their social network profiles, to annual reports as well as marketing materials and brochures. 

Consistency is KING!

Take a look at any top company staff website page, and keep it in mind when browsing the internet: They have a consistent look to any profile portrait of their staff. This is not achieved by getting your staff to supply an image for use. Using a professional photographer to produce your staff portraits will ensure a consistent look to the images. Strengthening your brand, evoking a sense of professionalism and probably the most important thing, giving your customers a face they can recognise, which really allows customers to feel more comfortable dealing with your company. 

The images below are key staff members of Towner Gallery Eastbourne Keen to have a cutting edge, creative, but appealing to corporate sense of professionalism, these images fulfilled the brief, beyond expectation. A minimal gap in the working day is all it took to produce these images. 

Where should we have our portraits taken?

You should have your portraits taken at the office, or place of business. It’s where your staff are, then there’s no need to arrange a junket out to some unknown part of the country, which can be logistically difficult. 

I come to you! That way, we can show the place where you work, too. This makes the photographs consistent and genuine. 

Most places of work have a suitable office, or other area that will be perfect for portraits with natural light, or i can set up an unobtrusive mini studio? It’s something we can discuss whilst we arrange your staff portrait photographs. 

I travel to London, all over Sussex and the UK. Rates are based on time it takes to shoot, as well as number of staff to shoot. It can work out as little as £50 for a staff portrait – prepped and ready optimised for website and social media use. 

Please get in touch and ask me about my profile portrait and professional head shot photography of employee’s. 

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