Strong Wears Skinny

Skinny Chimp gym vests and gym wear for fashion. 

Skinny Chimp Gym wear

Skinny Chimp Gym wear

Remember as a kid,at school, P.E. clothes meant pants and vest. Bashing your shins on those wooden benches and scrambling up a gym rope, then burying your mates in the gym mats. 

Well, that sort of attire will no longer suffice. You now need to look cool when working out. Strong is the new skinny and strong wears Skinny. Skinny Chimp clothing for gym and fashion are an emerging brand, that has been snapped up by fitness fans world wide. 

My first shoot for Skinny Chimp was back in 2014 at 1066 Gym. With a plan for expansion and new lines launching over the next year, owner and all round amazing lady Rebecca Goodchild wanted to strengthen her brand with amazing photography. Thats how we found ourselves on a cold February afternoon with the brave and robust Mel, in 2° C temps, wearing just a vest and leggings to shoot these dynamic and impressive photos. – Which are already being used on the website and social media to huge acclaim!

More shoots are coming, next weeks scheduled shoot is going to be amazeballs – but I can’t say too much just yet…….. You’ll just have to check back, or follow @avantphoto on twitter for updates. 

Skinny Chimp Website: Skinny Chimp

Skinny Chimp Twitter: @SkinnyChimp

Model: Melissa Jane Ruddock (can be found on social media)

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