Crowdfunding campaign LAUNCH!

Avant is going video capable!

With your kind and  heartfelt support, Avant will soon be delivering high quality video as well as the same amazing story telling photography for your business. 

Exciting, huh?

Well it is, but the campaign needs help. Thinking of improving your social media content? Want to tell the unique and engaging story of your business in an innovative way?  Then support my crowdfunder to reap great rewards like new profile pictures of your team, a Day in the Life shoot or even a shiny new promo video shot and produced by me, perfect to engage followers on social media and to promote your business on YouTube

How do I Crowdfund? 

Go here:  for more info and ways to support.  choose a level of support that suits and a reward that will benefit you and your business as a thank you. 

Why should I support? 

Crowdfunding is great for businesses like mine. It is a great way of securing funding in a way where investors are rewarded and supporters feel a part of something. It’s exciting to watch the project approach it’s target, and to be in a network of fellow supporters. Plus, when the target is reached, they’ll be a party….. !!! 

Thank you so much for being a part of the growth of Avant. Please take a look at my crowdfunder project and help where you can. Plus, remember, sharing is caring, tell your friends, your family and I will be forever grateful. 

I look forward to creating great content for you and your business – Phil 

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