Press Coffee Co – London Coffee Shops

Press Coffee Company – London

Do you remember my Crowdfunder? You may have heard about it…. Press Coffee London were one of my first backers. So last Friday, I was on site to honour their reward of a days video and stilsl shooting, to tell the story of the three coffee shops at Fleet Street, Chancery Lane and St Bride, Temple. 

St Bride Press – London

Today was a big day. They were celebrating the opening of their third branch at St Bride. It was party night. Espresso martini’s and Nik Kix mojitos would flow later. But after a sublime cortado, it was time to  set up the D810’s for their first foray into video.

Press Coffee & Co beans

Party Time

An early close meant a few understanding people embarked on their commute home without their coffee, but many more came to the launch party of London’s best new coffee shop.

Barista girls

Vodka toting barista

St Bride’s Press – London 

I will update and let you know as soon as the video is produced and released. In the mean time, I strongly suggest you visit St Bride Press and have a fantastic coffee made by great people, in a great setting. Tell them I sent you, please. 

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