Vinyl Burlesque – Waterloo

All I need is 3 girls and some vinyl….

Every so often, I need to shoot for me. Not for money, not for glory, just shoot for the love of photography. I don’t usually get much time to do so. I made time, I was needing inspiration and needing a friend. I knew who to call: Annette, my muse.


Annette – My Muse

Photographing Burlesque dancers seemed fairly appealing. I couldn’t find a single reason not to spend a Saturday morning in Waterloo, at a great location, with three beautiful women, two of whom were in vinyl outfits, and willing to be posed and manipulated into whatever pose i deemed necessary. 

Annette being diva

As a photographer it’s so important to keep fresh. As a busy photographer, it’s very easy to get burnt out, trying to be excited and invigorated by shoots. I need jollies like this to keep engaged and to try out ideas. 

Look Who’s back!

Working with professional dancers is an absolute dream. Subtle changes in hand position and expression can mean a huge variety of images from one scene. 

Tunnels are for striding through

You see all sorts in Central London, but still, there were a few gazes from passers by..

Double take!

Colour, light, vinyl and beauty at Waterloo

Thanks so much to Annette for organising the shoot and sending me off smiling and invigorated, prepared to shoot killer images once again. To steal her favourite blog sign off, bisous…! xx

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