Album Cover Photoshoot 3Times7

Photography for 3Times7 album cover. 

Here’s a look at the Album Cover Photoshoot for 3Times7. July 2017. It seems only a short while ago, but much has happened in that time. 3Times7 have recorded, mixed and released their second album of original acoustic blues. I shot the album cover for it, in a laundrette in Redhill. 

The brief was to create a retro, fifties, vintage look for the photoshoot for 3Times7 album cover. The launderette was to look familiar to anyone who had watched the original Twin Peaks, or enjoyed Tarantino movies and anything rock-a-billy. 

The images were to evoke the sense of a classic movie, a couple on the run, (Bonnie & Clyde, True Romance) ‘laundering’ the Dirty Money (the title of the album)Here’s some images that didn’t make the grade from the album cover.

This is the image 3Times7 used for the album:

3times7 album cover photographer
Album Cover 3Times7 – Avant Photographic.

You can listen to and buy the whole album here:

And find out more about 3Times7 here:

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