Triumph Motorcycle Photographer Eastbourne.

Motorcycle Photoshoot Triumph Scrambler XE & Triumph Speed Twin

Being a Triumph Motorcycle Photographer in Eastbourne throws up a unique set of issues to overcome. I take tons of gear on a shoot. Tripods, lighting, light stands, soft boxes and light modifiers, on top of several cameras. I couldn’t carry it all on a bike if I tried. So, with the capable help of my friend and fellow photographer, Toni. We loaded his car up with all the gear and went off to Washington to collect the new Triumph Speed Twin.

Obviously, the first thing I did was stop somewhere to take a selfie with it – I might be a Triumph Motorcycle Photographer in Eastbourne, but I’m still a slave to the Instagram – you’ll notice no filters, or puppy ears.

photographer Phil Burrowes Photographing Triumph Motorcycles in Eastbourne.
Actually much happier than I look.

Being a Triumph Motorcycle Photographer in Eastbourne

I plan a route before a Triumph Motorcycle Photographer in Eastbourne photoshoot, researching weather conditions locally, as well as events that might interfere with my plans. This way, I can maximise shoot time; arrive, set up and move to the next location, quickly. Spring is my favourite time to shoot as the weather is so changeable. Meaning the light changes with it. It allows for more variety than the scorching, burning sun of midsummer.

photographer Phil Burrowes Photographing Triumph Motorcycles in Eastbourne.
Shooting the Triumph Speed Twin.

This isn’t a motorcycle review, so I won’t bother trying to sound like I’m presenting Top Gear, but let me tell you, the ride of the Triumph Speed Twin is incredible. Power delivery is as you’d expect from a 1200cc motor, but it is so controllable. Yes, of course I indulged, (I can still hear that motor in my ears, now) and through the Southwick Tunnel? I might have dropped a cog or two and revelled in the reverberation of the echo as I accelerated through it.

photographer Phil Burrowes Photographing Triumph Motorcycles in Eastbourne.
Photo by Toni Manuel

Triumph Speed Twin Final Images

But this wasn’t the only motorbike I’d be photographing today. Also new from Triumph and available from Destination Triumph was the new Scrambler XE. Another 1200cc V-Twin, another loud and capable machine, but with huge great orange Ohlin’s forks on it!

Commercial photographer Phil Burrowes photographing Triumph Scrambler XE motorcycle, Beachy Head Eastbourne.
Photo by Toni Manuel

After a blast back to Washington, I collected the Triumph Scrambler XE. A bit of a big bike for me, (I had to go on tip toes when stopping at traffic lights!) Not to much of a big issue, it didn’t spoil the experience, just how I came to a stop. It rides so much differently to the Speed Twin, sounds very similar and has incredible street presence. Going back through the Southwick tunnel was incredible. Here’s some behind the scenes shots of the shoot – taken by Antonio Manuel

A Triumph Motorcycle Photographer Eastbourne, in pictures.

Scrambler XE Final Images

Destination Triumph have a vast catchment area. East and West Sussex and up to Guildford in Surrey. Most of the catchment area is dominated by the beautiful South Downs Country Park. They were keen to show this in the photos, as well as other recognisable features within the catchment area. So a wonderful day of touring round West Sussex resulted in these images.

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