Phil Burrowes – Photographer at Avant Commercial. Providing photography for your business that will enthral and excite visitors to your website and engage your followers on social media. Business photography to help communicate with and captivate your audience

Photographs are web content dynamite! It is absorbed by users on social media like no other form of content. This is what Avant Commercial does – we supply a portfolio of incredible photography for your business that your customers will love.

Phil’s photography takes him world wide, shooting international events in Barcelona and Amsterdam to famously making car parks sexy for NCP Car Parks Ltd in such glamorous locations as Salford and Bolton. He loves photographing Ford cars, Mitsubishi cars, Triumph Motorcycles and behind the scenes videos for window installations at Harrods for Dior, Jaeger Le Coultre and Hublot.

From huge brands, to bespoke, artisan independents, it is his job to understand a clients needs and deliver photography that will tell the story of their business.

Phil wasn’t always a photographer – after deciding to end his career as a bus driver by doing a handbrake turn in a double decker, he travelled the world and after spending 6 months photographing scuba students in the exotic state of Queensland, Australia, he returned to the U.K. with one aim – to be a photographer. Working freelance at studios in London, he became known as a photographer that would deliver unique and engaging photography for portrait clients and businesses.

Finding that he loved working with people and telling human stories with his photography, he was being hired by companies to illustrate those stories for use online in campaigns and to produce content for websites and social media.

Phil moved to Eastbourne in 2007, founding Avant Photographic in a studio on South Street – in Little Chelsea. Clients discovered his unique ability and came to him to ensure their businesses benefitted from his unique style of photography.

There is no greater privilege than seeing the photos I have taken having a positive effect for a business, bringing visitors to a website via a post on facebook or Twitter, or bringing sales from an e-commerce page, its a reward like no other.

Phil Burrowes – Photographer – Avant Photographic.

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