Day in the Life – Mini

What is a Mini Day in the Life photoshoot?

DitL Mini Photoshoots

A Day in the Life Mini is a concentrated photoshoot that gives a snapshot of your business.

Mini Day in the Life Photoshoots by Avant Commercial create a targeted, powerful portfolio of visual content to promote specific elements of your business

  • Produce an image library to use on a specific marketing campaign
  • Showcase a new product to increase sales. 
  • Promote a new service to boost bookings
  • Illustrate case studies on your website to raise engagement
  • Document a project you’ve worked on to showcase skills
  • Capture images of improvements you’ve made to your premises to show investment
  • Show that you have invested in new equipment to excite your customers
  • Let your customers know you have a new member of staff so they can see who they will meet when visiting your premises. 
  • Mark Milestones and document success
  • Changed location? Got new premises? Use a DitL Mini to get images to use online.

Mini Day in the Life Photoshoots by Avant Commercial are fantastic value for money. Be smarter with how you spend your marketing budget.

You could book a shoot each month and feature a different aspect of your business each time?

It’s Q&a Time!

What happens on a shoot?

The Mini DitL photoshoot is designed to highlight specific elements of your business, like a particular product or an individual member of staff.

The result will be an engaging selection of images unique to that person or product. It might be you need images of a new product or premises – or photos for a new campaign.

The mini shoot is focussed just on getting fantastic photos just for that product or service.

Caught your attention?

Thought it might. You have questions, of course you do. Please send me an email with the form below. I look forward to hearing from you.

What does it cost?

Just £250. Which includes:

  • 2 hours on site.  
  • 15-20 images
  • Edited – colour balanced, white balanced
  • Images are optimised for web use
  • Meta tagged keywords related to your business
  • GPS data tagged (for local Google ranking)
  • Free online delivery & storage

Great value, huh?

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