Day in the Life

Avant Commercial Day in the Life Photography.

What is Day in the Life photography?

Avant Commercial Day in the Life Photography is used by businesses to get a unique portfolio of images to tell stories on social media and illustrate services and products to online customers.

Day in the Life photography can be used to build social media audiences.

  • Engage your audience visually
  • Feed relevant content to followers
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Communicate in an innovative way to your customers

The Day In The Life photography project started as a way for me to use my skills as a professional photographer to tell the varied human stories I would encounter. It has evolved into an incredibly valuable service to businesses – large and small – with a story to tell”.

Phil Burrowes – Photographer – Avant Commercial

It’s Q&a Time!

What happens on a shoot?

Before scheduling, we’ll list all the great things about your business you want me to capture. I’ll document the elements of your business you want to promote – The things that make your business unique.

The result will be an engaging selection of images that customers will engage with, making them imagine buying your product, emotionally connecting with your business and choosing you to book.

Caught your attention?

Thought it might. Of course you have questions, please send me an email with the form below. I look forward to hearing from you.

No time for an email? Send me a WhatsApp!

What does it cost?


This includes:

  • Up to 6 hours onsite
  • A portfolio of at least 40 images
  • Ready to use on your website and social media

Great value, huh?

So, I send you an email, what then?

  1. The DitL project will result in a great portfolio of images. But, if there’s a specific requirement this is when you’ll need to let me know.
  2. We’ll arrange a date to shoot your DitL.
  3. I’ll shoot your DitL.
  4. A few days later, your images will be delivered. Via Dropbox or Wetransfer – or Google Drive.
  5. You’ll spend a few hours going through the photos, imagining posting them to social media telling the story of your business.
  6. You’ll watch the engagement on your social media and website rocket!
  7. You’ll book me again in a few months time.
  8. Oh, obviously I’ll send your invoice. It needs to be paid upon receipt of the images.
  9. What’s also pretty cool is I’ll help boost the impact of your photos by writing a blog on your own project. Sharing the story of your business.
  10. I will also retweet, share and engage with any posts you make using the photos.
  11. Tell your friends. If they book a DitL, you’ll get a discount off your next one.

Tell the story of your business.