DitL Mini

 Mini Day in the Life Shoots

A concentrated photoshoot that gives a snapshot of your business.

A targeted, powerful portfolio of visual content to promote specific elements of your business.


Smaller does not mean less - same service, same power, smaller size.

Smaller does not mean less – same service, same power, smaller size.

Utilise a DitL Mini photoshoot to highlight specific elements of your business online, rather than capturing a wider scope with a FULL DITL shoot. A DitL Mini will supply you with a set of images for your website that concentrate the focus of your marketing to produce vibrant and engaging blog posts, social media updates, brochures, leaflets and newsletters.


DitL Mini shoots are fantastic value for money. Be smarter with how you spend your marketing budget. 

  • Boost premium products online with high quality, professional images – engaging

  • Fixed price with a guaranteed number of prepared images, ready for immediate online use. 

  • Professional images refine the look of your business online. They strengthen the perception of quality in your brand. Clean, clear, high quality images look polished, refined, professional

  • Can be the difference between securing a purchase with you, or your competitor. 

Added benefits of booking a DitL Mini

  • A DitL Mini enriches additions to your social channels and website, boosting the interactions on your channels. 

  • Unique Photography – Only YOUR business will benefit from the images delivered.

  • No Stock Photography costs – usage costs, subscription fees, Annual renewal, registration fees, license fees. 

  • Images are delivered ready to use, optimised for web use – meta tagged, keyworded, GPS tagged – my images perform 967% better than those not prepared for online use by me.

  • Online delivery & Storage – Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer

  • Support a local business

A Day in the Life Mini shoot allows you to control your budget.

If a full DitL shoot is a bit of a stretch at the moment, focus on smaller projects and reduce the outlay. Multiple shoots can be booked over time – let’s shoot your premium service now, then book further shoots for other products and services later? 


  • Produce an image library to use on a specific marketing campaign

  • Showcase a new product to increase sales. 

  • Promote a new service to boost bookings

  • Illustrate case studies on your website to raise engagement

  • Document a project you’ve worked on to showcase skills

  • Capture images of improvements you’ve made to your premises to show investment

  • Show that you have invested in new equipment to excite your customers

  • Let your customers know you have a new member of staff so they can see who they will meet when visiting your premises. 

  • Mark Milestones and document success

  • Changed location? Got new premises? Use a DitL Mini to get images to use online.


With your new portfolio of images from your DitL Mini, you will have a feast of great visual content with which to produce outstanding content to engage your customers online.

Designed specifically for social media posts and to tell visual stories online, the DitL Mini will stimulate your creativity, enabling you to boost your communications with clients online – making your content easily digestible, thrilling new clients and encouraging existing ones to enquire about the products and services you choose to feature. 

There’s never been a more important time to maximise the result from each and every opportunity to ‘touch’ a client. This might sound weird, but click here to find out what is meant by ‘touching’ a client. People react online 65% more to content with high quality photography than pure text. 

Google Screengrab -stats MAY 2020

Google Screengrab -stats MAY 2020


You could book a shoot each month and feature a different aspect of your business each time? 

  • First shoot – Capture exterior & Interior shots

  • Second Shoot –  Focus on staff

  • Third shoot -Illuminate your products and services

You could even commit to once a fortnight or once a month? Or perhaps even as a tryout before booking a full on DitL? build an incredible portfolio of images to totally rejuvenate the imagery on your website.

How Much is it?

Just £250. Which includes:

  • 2 hours on site.  

  • 15-20 images

  • Edited – colour balanced, white balanced

  • Images are optimised for web use

  • Meta tagged with your website, keywords relation to your business

  • GPS data tagged (for local google ranking)

  • Free online delivery & storage

The Mini DitL can be booked anywhere in the UK. Travel is charged at cost outside of the Sussex, Kent, Surrey and London


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