Hidden Places Abandoned Spaces Eastbourne

Photographer Phil Burrowes – Photographing an engineering company before lockdown.

Hidden Places, Abandoned Spaces Eastbourne 2020

Hidden Places, Abandoned Spaces Eastbourne is a photography project that will show the variety of effects within and around Eastbourne during the Covid19 pandemic.

It’s aim is to document the effects on members of the community and the renowned tourist icons of the town – to discover obscure spaces and places and how the people of Eastbourne are finding a new normal during the pandemic. 

Eastbourne Pier - Photograpaher Eastbourne - unique angle photographe of Eastbourne pier - pier from below
Eastbourne Pier

For Hidden Places – Abandoned Spaces – Eastbourne I want to photograph: 

For Hidden Places – Abandoned Spaces, I want to photograph old air raid shelters, inside the town hall – the public spaces, the hidden council chambers, showing how people like the Mayor and the councillors are still working to govern the town in unprecedented conditions, with pressure on budgets and restrictions on movement and implementing new working practices. 

Towner gallery Eastbourne - creaive event photography - art exhibition, someone looking around gallery with unique composition.
Toner Gallery Eastbourne

I need to find people to photograph and who can help me get access for Hidden Places – Abandoned Spaces in Eastbourne like:

The Grand, The Hydro, The Cavendish, The Burlington. Their architecture is iconic, typically Eastbourne – I want to take portraits of people working there and get their stories.

  • I’d love to photograph hidden areas of the pier.
  • The Martello towers and inside and atop The Wish Tower
  • The Devonshire theatre
  • The Congress theatre
  • The Royal Hippodrome
  • Under the stages and backstage.
  • I want to document key workers and emergency services and NHS staff.
Firefighters in eastbourne, returning from fighting the fire at the Claremont Hotel.
Key workers Eastbourne – Firefighters tackling the hotel fire.

Eastbourne tourism sites and heritage photography

Let’s celebrate and document the curators of The Towner. Let’s shoot the exhibition spaces whilst they are abandoned and remember what we have to look forward to when the pandemic is over. 

Let’s acknowledge that the young are going to inherit a strange new world, but rejoice in the institutions like Bedes school and the beautiful Eastbourne College that are supporting them now. 

Let’s look to the past and capture the beauty of the Band Stand and think of going to Fusciardi’s and Thayers ice cream shops after seeing a music show. 

I want to photograph behind, within, beneath Terminus Road Shops, climb up and photograph the atriums on the roof of The Beacon.

I want to produce a portfolio of stunning art photographs of the Underground Theatre, our Library and places like Redoubt Fortress

I want to be involved in Hidden Places – Abandoned Spaces!

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Do you live or work in or near Eastbourne?

Are you a Key Worker? Got the keys to an interesting place? Join the Beacon, the Chamber of Commerce, the Mayor, Caroline Ansell MP, The Rainbow Pub, The Dolphin, The Royal Hippodrome Theatre, SEEL Waste Management Team and let me know that you too are interested in featuring in the Hidden Places Abandoned Spaces Photography Project 

I want the entire community to be involved. Want your story to be told?

Ricky from the Sussex Bears - teaches the not yet disabled how to use wheelchairs to play wheelchair basketball.

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