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GD Cooper Pharmaceutical

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High quality professional product photography

Product photography is your first opportunity to impress a customer with the items available to purchase from your website.

Product photography grabs the attention of visitors to your ecommerce pages. Compel shoppers to buy and to click the ‘purchase now’ button.

Product photography on your website should excite customers enough to make them buy. Influence customers’ purchase decisions online with an experience that is as close as possible to visiting a real store.

Product photography on your website should display the purpose of your product clearly and without ambiguity. The buyer should be able to imagine themselves with the product, affecting their lives in a positive way.


50% of online shoppers say ‘large, high quality product images are more important than product info or descriptions or reviews” – Forbes


How much does Product photography cost?

  • I offer fixed rate packages for product photography – with optional bolt-ons.

  • Create a bespoke package for your featured products.

  • Get incredible images of your product range at a fixed price.

  • Get a valuable portfolio of images with variety enough to fill the ecommerce section for each of your listings. 

See the flow chart below to work out what will be best for your business.


Basic package – 10 images  of every product.

Add bolt ons for products to enhance your listings and provide visual content for digital marketing campaigns. Bolt ons massively improve the desirability of your products – tempting those customers to click the buy now button.




Studio Shots – 4 images

Your product is shot on a white background, perfect for ecommerce.

Your product is clearly and easily viewed. It will look crisp, clear, clean and pristine.

Shot from all sides, giving your customer an all round view of the item. 


Header & Social  – 4 images

Images shot for website headers and Social Media cover pages.

Ready sized for you to upload and start promoting products straight away. Plus, an initial selection of images created specifically for social media – supplied in 1:1 or 3:2 ratios to suit all social media platforms. 


Detail Shots – 2 images

Show clients exquisite close ups of your products.

Careful consideration is given to finer details of your products. This might be a close up of stitching, a texture on a material, or a handmade addition to an item allow customers to zoom in on details


Bolt Ons


Artistic/lifestyle Shots –

No less than 10 images

Choosing an artistic/lifestyle bolt on allows for the use of different backgrounds, such as a rustic wooden, handmade background.

Or a particular complimentary colour backdrop to match your brand palette.

It’s an opportunity to be more creative with your product shots, making more dynamic and engaging images than the studio shots.

These images are for item listing pages, as well as on social media or in traditional printed brochures or product information cards.

Unlike the studio shots, they are supplied in high resolution – so they can be used throughout your businesses marketing.


Location Shoot –

No less than 20 images. 

This is my premium bolt on. A location shoot adds an engaging dynamic to your portfolio of product photographs. Studio quality images, in a unique setting that emphasises a product’s uses, helps buyers imagine themselves owning it and provokes an emotive, immediate purchase. 

A woodland shoot will help sell your company’s mountain bikes? Your tools will look great with the backdrop of a building site? Selling torches? A night shoot with them being used would be a huge boost to sales. Together we can create an amazingly valuable portfolio of unique and engaging images.


Instagram Pack –

10 images

Got Instagram..? Of course you have.

It’s great for selling products.If you have a business account, it has tools for you to tag products.

It can be linked with Facebook, allowing you to sell to your clients, directly from Instagram.

An Instagram pack, supplies 10 images for you to load to Instagram and start selling straight away.

Images are delivered in 1:1 ratio, size optimised for the channel, and shot in a style that will get engaged with – provoking conversation and enquiries from your followers. 

Getting your products to me

During Coronavirus (Covid19) Lockdown – all products to be couriered to my studio. Arrange a courier to get all products to me allowing extra time to deliver due to coronavirus restrictions and delays.

Once your files are completed, products will be repackaged as they arrived and you can arrange a courier to collect them. These are unique times. If the possibility presents itself, collections and returns may be arranged in other ways. All shooting processes take place within government guidelines, with all risks negated where possible. If a risk presents itself, that I haven’t thought of, we can discuss options and work together to avoid risk of infection.


Book Your Product Photography Shoot

Fill out the form and add your selections. I need to know how many products you want photographing- remember there is a 10% discount on 5 products or more and 12.5% discount on 10 or more.
Tell me a little about your products, where you sell them. On your website? On Etsy? On Amazon? It’ll help me create images that will really help you sell more of them.


What happens next?

  1. I’ll give you a call and talk you through your options. There’s a few things I’ll need to know about your products – size, how they’re arriving, will I need a forklift truck? Are they easy to assemble?

  2. Once the shoot is arranged and in the diary, I’ll send you an invoice. Payment is made via BACs or Paypal.

  3. Once obtained, images will be delivered to you within 5-7 days.

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