Architectural Photography – Smithfields – Stoke-on-Trent

Smithfields Stoke – on – Trent

Stoke is renowned for 2 things. Pottery & Robbie Williams. Thankfully, leading global architecture and design practice Aedas RHWL  took their inspiration for their new development at Smithfields from the former

One Smithfield, Stoke – on – Trent Civic Centre

Aedas RHWL understand that regeneration of an historic area is a huge responsibility. Stoke – on – Trent has a rich history and is proud of it’s connection with fine pottery and ceramic art. 
The continuing theme of bold design in ceramics is paralleled in the Clarice Cliff inspired design of 1 Smithfields 

The concept for the façade design was to unearth the ‘DNA’ of Stoke and apply it in a way that celebrates the cities heritage as a world class centre for ceramic and pottery design.
— Michael Clark, Aedas RHWL Executive Director

Clarice Cliff ceramic tile detail

The tessellated facade performs in tune with the building structure.  It’s a holistic approach, which coordinates each aspect of the building with its performance, whilst celebrating an iconic product of Stoke’s heritage.
— Alasdair Mealy, Aedas RHWL Executive Director

The building will be used as Stoke – on – Trent City Council’s new Civic Office. One of two new Civic Office buildings for Stoke-on-Trent City Council, One Smithfield will house; office accommodation, a ‘hub’ facilitating public to Council liaison, Council Chamber, a public library and Police Service offices.  The building is part of the first phase of a wider urban regeneration masterplan, also designed by AEDAS RHWL.

Interior 1 Smithfields – SOTCC

With large open public spaces the central atrium is flooded with light, and serves as the modern main reception for members of the public to begin their enquiries with the council. A library is to be installed and will no doubt be a central focus of the community.

Looking up from the centre of the public reception gives an awe inspiring view to the skylight. 

Central Atrium Smithfields – Stoke

As one of the most striking features of the building, the view inside is as dramatic as the exterior. The first tenants of the building, that were present whilst I was photographing all agreed it was a fabulous design, resulting in an environment in which it was pleasant to work. 

Stairway to public areas Smithfield – Stoke-on-Trent

The development of Smithfields will see regeneration, with investment and development continuing to achieve the masterplan that is in place for Stoke -on- Trent. 

Thanks and Acknowledgments

I would like to thank the staff of Stoke City Council  for their help and guidance during the shoot and for being so accommodating despite being so camera shy!

Laing O Rourke (Contractor)

Genr8 (Developer)

Buro Happold (Façade engineering)

Atelier 10 (Environmental studies)

Michael Clarke, Alasdair Mealy and of course, the whole team at Aedas RHWL 

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