Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know before you book an Avant Photographic shoot for your business.

How Much is it?

Shoot price is based on time, ranging from hourly through to half day and full day rates. How much you need to budget will depend mostly on what you plan to do with the images, this will inform how many you will need and in turn how long the shoot will take.

To get an idea of cost it is best if you get in touch and tell me as much as possible about what you need. Once we have established your requirements, together we can work out a shoot that suits both your budget and your needs.

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Where do you cover?

I work all over the UK and Europe. I’ve worked in the US, I’ve even shot once in Australia. I work anywhere. Travel is mostly costed into the quote.

What do you shoot?

As long as it’s legal, anything. There’s not much I haven’t photographed professionally. From Jumbo jets full of racehorses to behind the scenes at Harrods for Dior – plus, local butchers, bakers and candlestick makers.

As I’m you are sure have seen on this website, my sole purpose as a photographer is to make my subject transcend beyond its’ face value.

Every commission is professionally approached with care, attention and a firm sense of duty to ensure the photos created present your companies’ products, services and staff to your audience, in a way that your competitors could only dream of. Unless they book me first.

I’m a photographer, too. Can I come shoot with you or carry your bag?

Maybe. Send me an email and tell me why you would like to. What do you want from me? How can I help? Will you bring cake? Do you have good, basic hygiene?

What are your terms and conditions?

I have a full set of T&C’s – There’s nothing in them you’re not going to have seen before and they have been checked by a solicitor. If you really want to see them now, you can – fill your boots here:

You’re insured and stuff, right?

Yup – up the wazoo. But I still ain’t gonna photograph that angry tiger in the cage.

Does your contract cover things about Corona Pandemics?

It does now. If you want to see an example contract, get in touch and I’ll send you one. If you really feel you need to change it, we can discuss it, or if it doesn’t fit the job we’re going to do, I probably wont even send it and we will write one that’s suitable for shooting tigers.

If there’s anything else you want to know, pick up the phone, send me an email, WhatsApp me. But if you’ve got this far, we should probably be discussing the nitty gritty of what it is you need a photographer for.