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Brand building photography

Birchwood Motor Group is a Sussex car dealer group, providing sales and service of new and secondhand cars and commercial vehicles from Ford, Skoda, Mitsubishi and Kia. 

Birchwood Skoda Eastbourne

Birchwood Skoda Eastbourne

I produce unique and engaging photography for Birchwood to use across multiple channels. Photos are utilised on social media, Birchwood’s websites, traditional press advertising, internal publications and reports, press releases and leaflets.

Ford Focus 3 Generations

Photos need to be high quality, with a professional look; telling a story to enhance the brand, boosting customer perceptions of quality, building trust and familiarity within their customer base. 

It was important to promote local community involvement. From Motability for disabled drivers, to employing from the community, with a focus on youth training schemes. 


I photograph vehicle showroom launches. Images are shared on social media as quickly as possible to maximise relevance.

Ford Mustang GT

Reception Birchwood Ford Eastbourne

Manufacturers like Ford, Skoda, Kia and Mitsubishi do supply POS photos and images for websites, but Birchwood wanted unique images, featuring actual customers and their own premises, making the imagery on their website and social media more individual. As a local group of companies, a bespoke look was wanted, to promote their focussed attention on local sales and service within West and East Sussex. 

Birchwood Ford Motability Eastbourne


Retainer Scheme

Birchwood hired me to photograph their premises, events, launches and staff portraits by contracting me on a retainer system. For a monthly fee, Birchwood know they have me to produce unique and engaging photography for their business. I am contracted to provide 4 hours photography each month. This allows the marketing team to budget for shoots, have a constantly refreshed portfolio of images that are relevant, timely and always unique.  

The retainer scheme is infinitely flexible to suit all businesses needs.  From smaller firms wanting a few hours per month, to larger firms requiring dedicated full days to document large scale projects, like building or engineering projects.

To find out how I can help. click the button below to email me. Tell me about your business.   

Day in the Life – Birchwood Group

As part of the ongoing photography for Birchwood Group, I produced a Day in the Life project. This resulted in a huge array of images of the daily occurrences at Birchwood. The project produced a large portfolio of images for Birchwood to use throughout the groups social media and website, but mainly, to use for recruitment purposes, with the images getting a fantastic response, resulting in large numbers of applications for jobs. Photos were used to tell a multitude of stories on blogs and social media, to liven up company reports and to accompany press releases. They tell success stories of employing new staff, training highly qualified technicians and promoting customer care. Below is a small selection of the images.

Your business could benefit from a Day in the Life project, too. Whether you are a social media novice, or well established already, increase your influence by engaging your customers with unique and exciting photography that tells the story of your business. It’s a story your customers will love to see. Email me by clicking the button below and I can supply you with a selection of options that will suit your budget. 

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