Birchwood Skoda – Octavia VRS

Skoda Octavia VRS- It’s not your average family car

Skoda Octavia VRS

Shooting for Birchwood Group means I get to drive a variety of vehicles. From Custom Transits to Ford Focus ST’s to new eco compacts like the Kia Picanto. 

This was far from all of them. As soon as I got into it, I knew it was different. With the engine running it felt ready to go. Pulling away in it for the first time, I felt i was restraining it, holding it on a leash. But that was because whoever had driven it last had all the scary VRS buttons pressed into the “very on!” position. 

Octavia VRS interior

Octavia VRS interior

Once I had it set to the most comfy settings, the Octavia VRS is as refined and secure as many of it’s competitors, think BMW, Mercedes, Mondeo Vignale.. This Skoda is there. It’s a beautiful car. This model was the latest facelift model. The design has split opinion of the Octavia fan boys, (a quick look at the forums will show you) but I like it. 

Octavia VRS front end

Octavia VRS front end

Overall, the styling of the VRS is aggressive. But the streamlining of the new facelift softens it’s harder edges. It’s a great blend. With the new lights, too! 

So, photographing it. I knew I wanted some contrasty, darker images, to suit the styling, and this meant golden hour shooting. I’ve loved the weather of the last few weeks, but for shooting cars, it sucks.. It’s far too bright. 
Using the Bowens XMT500 heads I knew I could bring out the shapes of the Octavia. But even the Bowens can’t overpower the full blast of the June sun.  

Images of the Octavia VRS

For more information on the Skoda Octavia VRS or to book a test drive contact Birchwood Skoda or click here to go to the website – tell them I sent you, eh?


Shot with Nikon D810, 24mm 2.8 and 85mm 1.8 using the brand new and remarkable Bowens XMT500 heads and Lumiair 80×100 and strip 140 softboxes. 

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