Motion Time Lapse

Recent Motion Time Lapse Videos

NEW from Avant Commercial, comes the next evolution in video presentations. Motion Time Lapse. No more dull, static time lapse, now comes engaging, exciting and watchable time lapse videos for you to promote your business. 

Be it a new shopping centre, the building of a Place Making project, a new car park build or renovation, even the presentation of a new car, motion time lapse provides a unique visual element to your marketing and online content. 

Motion Time Lapse Videos

RIBA Stirling Award Winning Hastings Pier. Day to night time lapse. Showing a unique visual of a superb piece of architecture. It’s photographed loads, but the time lapse shows an engaging and unique presentation of the pier. 

Time lapse of a week long project to refresh technology at a car park in Lincoln. Installation of new equipment and a renovation of a high street car park 

The New Kia Stonic. The new Kia Stonic, new for 2017, arrives at Birchwood Kia, Eastbourne. An engaging time lapse video promotes a new vehicle in a unique way.

How would your business benefit from a Time Lapse Video? 

Get in touch and tell me a little about your business. What would your customers like to see happening at your business? A motion time lapse can be  applied to any activity – for any business. Give a unique insight to your customers to what it is you do. A time lapse will engage visitors to your website and boost interaction on your social media. 

The examples above show simple shoots and edits, without captions, or extras you can add to your video to promote specific services, or tell your customers more about your business. 

Won’t this disrupt my business? 

Only a minimal amount. It usually only takes 20 minute/half hour to set up, then the equipment is left to complete it’s process over an agreed time – 2 to 8 hours, perhaps more, but certainly not disruptive as you may think. – I can discuss any concerns you have before booking. 

How Much?

Prices start at £495 which is up to a 4 hour time lapse, includes the video for use online and on social media. consultation about content and details of any captions to be included in video. For more detailed quotes, please read the next bit……. 

How do I book/enquire?

Fill out the form below to send an email and I’ll get back to you .



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