Day in the Life Photoshoot

Build your brand with a Day in the Life Photoshoot.

Phil – Commercial photographer Eastbourne

A day in the life photoshoot supplies what every business needs: unique, engaging content for their website and social media.

A Day in the Life Photoshoot provides a concise portfolio of images to be used to tell the story of your business.

What Happens on a Day in the Life photoshoot?

The Day in the Life photoshoot is a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse for your customers into the the World of your business. I spend a day documenting the skill of your workers, your premises, key members of staff, the products you make or sell and the processes to create your products. The images will illustrate to visitors to your website and social media followers what it is your company does, and how you do it.

Phil Avant Commercial Photographer

Who uses Day in the Life photoshoots?

Whether you’re a large brand, or local business, a Day in the Life photoshoot will boost your brand to new followers and engage existing ones. Show off your skills and abilities to your customers. – Tectonic does just that with regular updates to their portfolio – using a Day in the Life photoshoot.

Tectonic – Electrical Contractors

Grace & Butler – Artisan Candle Makers

Go on, then. How Much?

A Day in the Life photoshoot costs £695. Of course, there’s a few conditions – it’s primarily a local service – South East and London – and is meant to provide a unique look of a business. It’s for a one day shoot. It includes a portfolio of 30-40 images. If there are more, then a reduced rate to purchase the extras can be negotiated.

When Should I Book a Day in the Life photohoot?

Book your Day in the Life photoshoot on a day when something cool is happening – got a new product? Or new team members starting? Or maybe you have a new display set up? The DitL will capture these and you’ll have a wealth of imagery to show your social media followers.

This all sounds great, Phil. How can I book a Day in the Life photoshoot?

Simply fill out the form below to send me an email with some details of what you have in mind. I will then get back to you to arrange a date, after we discuss what you want to achieve from the shoot, and I will help you decide the best approach.

Send me a WhatsApp to talk to me about what you need for your business.

You can now book a Day in the Life photoshoot online! Click the button below for more details and book your DitL today!

Book an Avant Commercial Day in the Life photoshoot and make 2020 the year the photography on your website improves – your competitors are…

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