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Avant Commercial Product Photography for Healthkind Website

Healthkind got in touch with Avant Commercial to create product photography for their new ecommerce and product website. After finding the product photography packages on my website, they chose a photography package that would supply all the photography they needed for their website. 

Flat lay of health foods and natural ingredients with health products on dark background

Who Are Healthkind?

Healthkind are wholesalers of healthcare supplies and bulk sales of leading brand healthcare and beauty products, they supply products to wholesalers and retailers. Healthkind, a health care wholesaler specialising in VMS and ethical wellbeing products, health care products that are good for you and good for the planet.

Photography for Ecommerce Website.

With a rebrand and an investment into a new website, Healthkind needed a set of hero images for their new website, including banner images and visuals to communicate their marketing messages to their clients, showing the wide range of products that would be available to purchase from a new ecommerce website, accompanying the written content on the website.

How to get Product Photography for New Website

A brief was supplied by the brand leader at Healthkind and after a consultation with Avant Commercial, we conceived a concept of the appearance of images that would be created. We decided we would utilise negative space in the images, facilitating the addition of text graphics and logos in post production by their marketing department. The ability to add elements such as text graphics and marketing messages to the images would assist in communicating the marketing messages to clients visiting the new website.

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Behind The Scenes – Product Photoshoot.

HealthKind sent a range of the products to my studio for me to create some test images to show proof of concept and with the help of local specialist retailers, props were sourced and fresh plants and flowers supplied by Beau K of South Street Eastbourne

Product Photography Behind The Scenes

One of the most enjoyable things about creating bespoke product photography is the preparation of the sets. I create many of my backdrops myself. This particular shoot lent itself excellently to having a natural looking, wood backdrop. I wanted to shoot it flat lay style, that meant most off the shelf backdrops wouldn’t be big enough, so I made my own. A trip to a local builders merchant supplied all I needed. Then after some tooltime, sanding, planing and painting and more sanding, diluting some emulsion to make a wash to colourise the plywood, it was ready to build the layout of the products and to construct the still life of fresh produce that was related to the ingredients in the health products. 

Have a scroll through these behind the scenes photos and laugh at me being scared up a ladder.

The new product photos images will be appearing on the new Healthkind website once it is completed. Here are a selection of my favourites from the shoot.

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I’d like to say a huge thank you to Nicky at Beau-K flowers in Eastbourne who supplied the honeycomb, aloe vera, lavender, camomile, daisies and all sorts of other amazing fresh flowers and exotic things to use as props – I can’t wait to use you again.

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