Another Lockdown?  – Book your product photoshoots now.

Will there be another lockdown before Christmas?

If you sell products online, or you’re planning to, you need to book your product photoshoots, now! Your business needs amazing product photography more desperately than ever before.

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flat lay product photography

Why should I book a product photoshoot now?

  1. Booking now means I can come to collect the products, (if you are local to me).
  2. I can also deliver them back to you.
  3. The photos will be delivered via WeTransfer and you can have them on your website ASAP and start selling now.
  4. I am taking studio bookings now, get your shoot booking before I’m unable to help.  
  5. Because you’ve put it off before, now it’s critical.

If the government decides to firebreak us before Christmas, retail will close, selling your products online will be your only option. Businesses with the best looking products and websites will have an advantage over those that don’t.

You can take a look at the packages here:

Book your product photoshoots NOW!

We’ve seen the headlines and had reassurances from the department of education that there is NOT going to be a firebreak lockdown in October but, who do you believe? We’ve been here before, right?

Would your business survive this kind of restriction again?

Great product photography will help your business thrive online.

Christmas is coming and will boost this year’s reduced sales. Online shopping, through Ecommerce websites, is set to boom this Christmas. Businesses without the ability to sell online, or with terrible photos on their websites, will be disadvantaged in their struggle to survive the pandemic. Do you sell products online? How are your product pages looking?

Product photography packages for ecommerce websites and online stores.

You can’t expect photos taken by Alan in accounts with his point and shoot camera to sell your products to a discerning and critical customer. There are loads of articles online, detailing how customers access a product or brand, and develop a positive or negative perception, within moments of landing on a website and seeing the images – what are customers seeing when they land on your pages?

Just think about how you shop online; you look at the finer details of the products, right? You look at the quality of the items, then ask yourself if you think it’s worth the money?

After looking at your own website, do the photos on your website match up to the quality of your products?

What’s included in a product photography photoshoot?

An Avant Commercial product shoot will provide:

  • Hero images.
  • Detail shots.
  • Header banners.
  • Social media images.
  • All you need to make a glorious looking gallery for your products – you can even add bolt-ons to your package to get lifestyle images, images on location or even of the product being used. Nothing sells a product better online, than photos that make the customer imagine owning it.   

Build the power of your brand with high quality, professional product photography. Avant commercial product photography can be used on social media channels like Facebook that now have their own shops. Or even on Instagram to sell directly to customers scrolling through their feeds.

Investing in product photography

Only great photography can raise a customers perception of your products and entice them to hit the “buy now” button. Set yourself apart from your competitors, by presenting beautifully created imagery.

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Let me know what your business needs to look incredible online. I look forward to hearing from you.

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