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Construction photographer UK. Time Lapse Video for Geobear.

As a photographer specialising in construction photography & time lapse video, Geobear hired me to create a series of time lapse videos at Ebbsfleet football club to stabilise a listed terrace.

Avant Commercial creates construction photography & time lapse video all over the UK. North Kent is not far away from me, so to me, this was a local gig?

Construction photography & time lapse video - Ebbsfleet football club
Ebbsfleet Football Club home ground

Geobear specialise in ground stabilisation. Be it a void that needs filling, or foundations of large commercial and domestic buildings, Geobear have the environmentally sensitive solution. Their method is also takes less time, so has less of an impact on business and limits disruption in a domestic setting. 

What construction did you photograph & shoot time lapse of?

Ebbsfleet Football Club is currently in an expansion phase. Their original terraces needed attention. The work carried out by Geobear would allow for an increase in spectators and ensure generations of football fans could continue to enjoy watching their team safely, from their historic terrace.

Construction photography & time lapse video - Ebbsfleet football club Geobear ground stabilisation
Geobear technicians begin pumping

Over the course of several days, pre-drilling had been carried out and I was on hand to record the void filling. In stills, and with a time lapse video to show the process for use on their website and growing social media. 

How will Geobear use these construction photographs & time lapse videos? 

Geobear will use the images extensively on their website and social media to promote their unique services. 
The time lapse video I produced has been widely shared already on YouTube:

 And there is a great feature written for their website: 

Construction photography & time lapse video - Ebbsfleet football club Geobear ground stabilisation

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