Time Lapse video Harrods – Jaeger LeCoultre

L’Atelier Five install Jaeger LeCoultre at Harrod’s.

Jaeger LeCoultre Harrods | London Photographer | Photographer at Harrods | Jaeger LeCoultre Photographer | Jaeger LeCoultre pop up at Harrods
Jaeger LeCoultre pop up at Harrods

A time lapse video was produced at Harrods by Avant – a hybrid time lapse/real time video of the build and final installation of Jaeger Le Coultre’s ‘pop-up’ at Harrod’s. Designed and project managed by L’Atelier Five – London. #DoItWithPassionOrNotAtAll.

Time lapse video & Photographer at Harrods for Jaeger LeCoultre

Motion time lapse video increases engagement

Static time lapse video is difficult to watch after a while, the addition of motion makes the viewing experience far more exciting and easier for an audience to digest.

Adding motion keeps the viewers attention far longer than basic static time lapse. Time lapse condenses the action encouraging the viewer to watch for longer, allowing more information about products or events to be delivered.

Time Lapse Video: Jaeger LeCoultre installation at Harrods

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