Behind the scenes photographer at Harrods

Behind the scenes photographer: Installing the Christian Dior Pop-up at Harrod’s.

In August 2018 I was the behind the scenes photographer commissioned by L’Atelier Five to produce a video & photography to tell the story of the installation of Christian Dior pop-up at Harrod’s.

Behind the scenes photographer – Christian Dior – Harrods.

As the photographer on this project, I had unparalleled access to photograph the effort that is required to build a pop-up display at one of the Worlds premier retail outlets. Whilst it was closed, in the middle of the night, as London slept. Working with an incredible brand to create unique & exciting visual content for use on websites & social media.

Behind the scenes photographer – Christian Dior – Harrods – Short Film

Photography & video – telling the story of how the epic window displays we see at Harrods are created. Only the gargantuan efforts of a dedicated team of people make it a breathtaking reality. Watch the video here.

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Avant Commercial Day in the Life photoshoots.

To capture these amazing photographs and video, the Day in the Life package was used. You can see this package and others by downloading the packages PDF by clicking the button below.

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