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James Bond is cancelled!!?? WTF!!? Or, what I did to beat the corona virus.

Avant Commercial photographer Phil Burrowes black and white photo of Phil who improves the photography on your website at Birchwood Kia
Me, without Coronavirus – shooting at Eastbourne Kia

For a photographer that improves the photography on your website, this whole Coronavirus thing has gone too far. The release of James Bond “No Time To Die” – The 25th Bond movie, has been postponed. Now The Photography Show in Birmingham is postponed, too. Can this situation get any more depressing? Bog roll is in short supply because somehow, having a stash of it is now a thing. How? I suppose, if you can’t go to a movie or a trade show, all there’s left to do is go for a poo?

Event Photography in Europe

I was supposed to be photographing events in Barcelona in February – A job I look forward to every year – It’s with a great team, the work is hard, with long hours, but the after work socials are a chance to wind down and enjoy Barcelona.
I work with a great set of event professionals and after 4 years of working together, we have built valued personal and professional relationships.

The same firm had scheduled me to cover 5 other international tech events this year, but they have been put on hold. This year, I shall not be going to Amsterdam, Frankfurt or Madrid.
This is doing nothing to support my delusion of being an International Man of Mystery.

Photography for Air Freight Company

I regularly work abroad for Air Cargo Companies improving the photography on their websites showing the transporting of freight and livestock around the globe. But, these are also scaling back projects. They’re not sending contractors or staff abroad. The only planes I will go on this year will be the ones taking me to my Summer Holiday, but with a bunch of paranoid, infrequent travellers, not an empty Boeing 747 with enough legroom to store an elephant. 

Where I was going to be in 2020?

I was going to be a very busy boy, trying to improve photography on websites this year. But now, in an increasingly locked down, mask wearing, anti-bacterial hand gel applying World, I find myself with more time to shoot incredible photos to improve the photography on your website here in the UK. 

Where I was going to be spending the rest of 2020 improving photography on websites, photographing international events, photographing for brands abroad, in some exotic location – I’m now going to be in the UK in the wet, grey beauty of the British Isles – offering businesses an exciting opportunity to hire Avant Commercial to create the content they need, to get a dramatic increase in the reach and influence of their Social Media and Website content by improving the photography on their websites.

I create unique, engaging content for websites and social media.

Improving photography on websites is what I do. But of what? Throughout my website you will see a huge variety of work, from local bakers, to candlestick makers and huge international brands, all improving the photography on their websites – Want to know how you can improve the photography on your website? Check out the photography packages, it’s where you’ll find out how much it will cost to improve the photography on your website.

Seriously, go take a look. Or bookmark it for later – You’ll find businesses similar to yours, improving the photography on their websites and social media with my photography. I photograph motor cars, motorcycles, car showrooms, sales staff, solicitors, butchers, bakers, candlestick makers and horses being transported on Boeing 747’s – yes, I really do –

The photography I create improves websites.

Who doesn’t want to improve the photography on their website? yes, I know Alan in accounts doesn’t care what the website looks like, but – it’s Alan – He wears colourful socks with his grey suit and thinks Rich Tea biscuits are suitable for the coffee break treat.

Customers visiting your website need to see something that makes you stand out from your competitors. In a market where online customers are increasingly “image literate” – the positive perception of your brand relies heavily on the quality of the imagery you use to populate your website.

It’s time to book a professional photoshoot for your business.

The Corona Virus Outbreak threatens to effect international trade and supply chains. Combined with the final consequences of Brexit due to hit in January, it’ll be next year that the squeeze really starts.

Are you ready? How about your competitors? Are they already looking to improve their digital marketing with better photography on their websites??

The only way we can start to prepare and brace ourselves for an impact, is together. Due to the initial effect of Corona, I am now going to be in the UK to help you improve the photography on your website.

We have the Spring and the Summer to create photographs that will inspire, engage, excite and activate your customers. Book a commercial shoot for your company that will deliver a portfolio of unique photos to enhance your website and boost your social channels to levels you have never known!

Why should I book a photo shoot?

Are you sharing too many plain text posts? Perhaps you have shiny new staff to show off to the public? Had a refurb? Got new products? Get in touch to book me to create visual content to really showcase the best parts of your business. 

You might have a specific project cooking right now, that needs a fantastic photographer? You might be starting a new product line? Launching a new service? It might be that you too, are looking to boost your business nationally after relying on international trade and sales? I can help your business present the unique service and products you offer to the whole of the internet.

Tell me about your business – What type of business do you do? What do you do within your business? What’s your location? How many staff do you have? What problems do you encounter posting to social? Do you struggle with what to post? What images to use? Ask me what you should be posting to social – I’ve worked with so many businesses, large and small, helping all of them with what and how to post. – I’m not a panda, I don’t just eat, shoots and leaves…..

But we can do our own Photos.

Yup. You can. I wish you luck with it – Honestly, this is not going to suit every element of your business. I understand the value of instant sharing, the intense value of the immediate hit an instant Instagram post or live video story can have. Give your company a refined, professional look with consistent use of high quality professional photography.

What’s the difference then?

My photography tells the unique story of your business. Celebrating the humans that operate within a business are one of the key elements of my work. People buy from people and it is incredibly important for customers to see your staff on your website and social media. It breaks down a wall between your customers and staff, allowing for an easier, more natural communication when meeting with your staff in a sales situation. If customers recognise the people within your business, your business becomes a brand they trust.

Are you doing a fundraiser? In some packages, I can come along to photograph them. An Avant Commercial photoshoot can reveal a powerful and valuable set of images that will enthral your customers.

Images draw attention & trigger emotion

Images are an easy way to improve the user experience of your website. 90 percent of all information we receive to our brains is visual. Images can help you to attract attention and to guide your visitor’s line of sight. They can be of great value when it comes to presenting important information. Images trigger emotion in visitors and engages them with your content.


You can write all you want about the value or usefulness of your new alloy wheel diamond cutting equipment – but seeing it in action, with before and after images, will communicate much more emotively. A positive reaction to the images will provoke a customer to enquire about the service.

How to use images from a shoot:

Post the photos from your Avant Commercial photoshoot to social media. Don’t write things like “Did you know?” or “Why don’t you?” don’t ask closed questions – questions you can get a negative answer to. Be conversational, speak to your customers like the humans they are. Be honest, open and available. But most of all RESPOND AS SOON AS YOU CAN TO MESSAGES RECEIVED!!

  • Think about the photos you use.
  • What are they communicating to your customers?
  • What story are the photos telling?
  • Use photos to reinforce a message.
  • Use photos to show how you provide a solution to a problem.
  • Show a service you provide.
  • Show a product you sell.

In an effort to further your reading on this subject, here’s a fascinating excerpt from a wonderful feature about how to use images in blogs:

The space of a web page that is above the fold, so the part that people can see without having to scroll, is the most valuable real estate of your site. Not because people are not willing to scroll, but because this area is the first part people see when coming to your site and you should use it wisely. Give people a reason to scroll and look at the rest of your site. If your images take an active role in this guidance, then make them as big as you want. However, make sure they don’t push more important, informative, or catchy content below the fold.

CXL Institute

In 2010, Nielsen Norman Group survey found that; web users spend 80% of their time looking at information above the page fold. – Nielsen Norman Group A fantastic photo, that communicates emotively, will engage a viewer and gives them a reason to scroll down to read the message you want them to see – be it a sales message, a call to action to contact, or enquire, or even submit a form.

Human images are an effective way to get your visitors engaged. It makes us feel like we are actually connecting with other humans, not only with some coded website, we even follow their line of sight. When using images with faces on your website, check where they lead your visitors’ eye. What are they going to see on your website if they follow where the person in your photo is looking?. Also, don’t fall back on stock images, but use high quality photographs of people, who really match your site’s character.


Tell a story with the photography on your website – show the customer journey – demonstrate to prospective clients the level of superior service they will experience when using your company. – This is what I mean by strategising. It can be a little daunting when starting out on social media – or when you want to start to improve, but this simple action – thinking about how images and posts will engage clients, and provoke a reaction, is strategising.

With a set of images from an Avant Commercial shoot, you will have a wealth of stories to tell your customers and you will start to see a positive change in your social media and website.

Smiling and happy customers on websites and social media will produce a positive feeling within visitors to your website. Honest and authentic, unique images are will perform better than photos you have found on a stock library. website visitors will easily spot fake looking stock imagery. Really bad examples of stock imagery are unpopular and have long lasting negative effects

A Day in the Life shoot by Avant Commercial will provide unique staff portraits and images of them engaged in their job roles. 

This means you will have a wealth of images that depict the individuals customers will see when visiting your business, or who they will be dealing with. Customers will feel connected with your staff, recognising them from the website. But not only that – the use of real people on your website, staff members and key role individuals enforces the authenticity of your brand – making you more trustworthy and a brand people can invest in.

Stock imagery Vs real 

“According to MDG Advertising, 67% of online shoppers rated high-quality images as being “very important” to their purchase decision”. It’s not just me, the professional photographer saying this.

A quick search of “Stock photography vs Real,” on your chosen search engine, reveals a plethora of hilarious articles with lol inducing stories of disastrous uses of stock photography – My favourite being the story of Jennifer Anderson.

Stock Photography Horror story

In 1996, Miss Anderson posed for some stock photos that appeared on the websites of Samsung, Microsoft, AA Auto Insurance, US Bank and many others, in a range of roles. They appeared so often, that forums dedicated to posting sightings of Miss Anderson appeared. The companies authenticity was questioned all because they thought it was ‘cheaper’ to use stock photos.

Bespoke Photography for your business

How would you feel if your website had the same images on it as your competitors? Would your customers potentially confuse your business with another? Would you lose out to that competitor?

Unique photography for your website is worth the investment.

So, what are you now imagining your website will look like? What stories are we going to tell with a photoshoot at your business? Will your social media suddenly take off with the new and exciting imagery I produce? I really hope so. But, in order for us to achieve this, I need to talk to you – so please, send me an email, pick up the phone, or send me a WhatsApp and I can answer any of you questions and design a package that will ensure you get a professional, valuable, engaging and exciting portfolio of photos.

2020 was going to be a big year. In many ways I’m pretty bummed I’m not going to Barcelona.

But, having just spent 3 days shooting the Triumph Rocket 3R in typical English weather, I am excited to soon be producing incredible images of your business, then going home to my own bed, my own sofa and watching Netflix, whilst editing your images. 

If you’ve found anything in this blog useful, please, get in touch – send that WhatsApp – use the widget I’ve added, or send an email – or call.

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