Coronavirus Business Support Grant. How are you spending yours?

Avant Commercial - Day in the Life Photoshoot for Business Websites. Coronavirus Business Support Grant
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What are you going to do with your CoronaVirus (Covid19) Business Support Grant Funding?

Like many small businesses, you are currently making tough decisions and adapting so you’re still in business when Lockdown is ends. How will you spend your coronavirus business support grant and other support funding during this difficult time?

Have you applied for a coronavirus business support grant? How are you going to spend it?

Be honest? Spending a £2000 coronavirus business support grant is going to help, right? But have you made a plan for it? What could you really do with that grant money?

It’d get you a 5 page website and a Day in the Life shoot (BY ME!) providing photography for your new website and a starter pack of valuable and engaging photographs of your business to use on social media! – yes, really – it could. 

Day in the Life – behind the scenes of your business. Unique visual content for your brand.

Day in the Life Photoshoot - Avant Commercial - commercial photography Eastbourne.

Or, you could spend the coronavirus business support grant money on Nandos and trainers once the World opens again?

Will potential customers find your website and social media when lockdown ends?

Imagine Boris Johnson announces the relaxed rules next week. Are you set to allow The World to meet you? Is your website anywhere near the quality of your competitors?

Have you been longing to improve your website and social media? This is an opportunity to do so. Collate some business info and I will design and layout your website in an easily usable way. 

Ensure the future of your business with a website that presents your business to customers currently sitting at home, with nothing to do but use the internet. Let them discover you online and be intrigued by the services and products you offer.  

Virgin Media said on 25th March 2020 that daytime internet use was up 90% – now is the perfect time to target this captive audience, to tempt them to engage your services with a shiny new website.

“The internet provider (Virgin Media) said downstream broadband traffic – web content received by users on their devices – was up 90% on Monday”

Enable easy access to your business online.

Make it as easy as possible for customers to buy from you or enquire about services. Gather prospects now to ensure you maximise the opportunities when lockdown finally comes to an end.

I know those Yeezys look amazing. You’d look splendid in them. Your kids will think you’re cool. Hell, you might even look a little younger and you might get a squeeze of your bum as your partner passes you in the hallway. They may wink and suggest a bit of special lockdown time? But, more likely is if you invest the grant in a website, you’ll ensure you can buy Nandos and Yeezys for the whole family for years to come? It might mean that future ‘relationship maintenance’ takes place on a Caribbean Island, or in a log cabin in Yosemite? With those Yeezys scattered on the decking as they were kicked off in a frenzy of romantic holiday hijinks?

A new and easy to update website for your business.

A new website might seem daunting. But, with a choice of easy to use templates, I will get your website ready to publish and start earning you money. You’ll have a website you can regularly update yourself, with ease. Teaching you to add content to your new website won’t take long. You will soon be adding images yourself. You’ll be writing useful blogs, adding profiles of team members and sharing all your new, engaging content to your growing number of followers on your revitalised social media channels. 

Soon, you’ll have a website your competitors emulate. Your client list will grow and it’ll be Yeezys for everyone  – and a Cheeky Nandos every night. Then, just like during Lockdown, we can all do P.E. with Joe – we’ll have to! Fried chicken is delicious, but needs to be worked off with more than a brisk stroll to the car. (which, if we nail the content on your website, might be a Ferrari). 

How much of my coronavirus business support grant will I have to spend?

You get a new template website and a portfolio of images to populate it with for £1995
See below of how to get a PDF download with all the information –

Sounds great! What do I need to do?

I’ll contact you and talk you through the main points. I have a set of downloadable worksheets to get all the details we need.

I’ll send you through a schedule, get your shoot booked and your invoice sent. We’ll discuss the look of your website.  

Not got time? Send me a WhatsApp – I’ll get the details over to you


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