Coronavirus Lockdown Changes – Day in the Life Photoshoots.

CoronaVirus lockdown changes. Show customers your business is safe to visit.

Today, (Monday 11th May 2020) Coronavirus lockdown changes. Many businesses are opening back up after coronavirus lockdown rules have eased. For customers return to our shops and places of business, they need to feel confident in your preparations for limiting the threat of infection. As do your staff.  You should use Social Media and your website, to maximise on your only opportunity to show customers how seriously you are dealing with the threat of Covid19. 

Coronavirus lockdown changes. How are you treating staff?

There’s Kudos in showing customers how you care for your staff – Customers will judge you by your preparations to protect them. 

Coronavirus lockdown changes. Day in the life photoshoots
Masks – not just for car resprayers.
  • A Day in the Life photoshoot at your business, will provide a portfolio of images that show all the systems in place.
  • A Day in the Life photoshoot will illustrate to online customers what you have done to protect them and your staff.
  1. A Day in the Life photoshoot ensures customers are confident to visit your business. We just need to present the sincere efforts you have made to make it safe for them. 

Book A Day in the Life Photoshoot or a Day in the Life Mini for your business.

Take a look at the options below – either a full Day in the Life photoshoot, or a Mini Day in the Life. Both options include images for you to use in campaigns and on your website.

Coronavirus lockdown changes - Day in the life photoshoots Avant Commercial
Day in the Life – Full
Mini Day in the Life

Start to tell the stories within your business.

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