Honda E – EV comes to Eastbourne.

Honda E Eastbourne

The Honda E.

After what has seemed like an eternity, finally there is an incredible and innovative leap in the design and desirability of EV’s, with the arrival of the Honda E in Eastbourne.

Honda E Eastbourne
Honda E

The Honda E in Eastbourne

I have wanted to see the Honda E in the flesh since I saw those first snippets coming from design studios and the launch of the concept at the Geneva motor show in May 2019. 

Since then, there have been rumours of the final Honda E not looking like the concept, which thankfully turned out to not be true. It looks just like the concept and although the wheels are smaller than in the drawings, (they always are) the Honda E in Eastbourne looks identical to the concept. 

Driving the Honda E in Eastbourne

Eagerly awaiting an opportunity to get to see or to get behind the wheel of a Honda E in Eastbourne, I had a chance to drive one of the first Honda E demo’s in the UK last week. I was lucky enough to pick up a fully charged and prepped Honda E to test drive in Eastbourne and managed to take a few photos of it, too.

Honda E Eastbourne
Honda E

They say you shouldn’t meet your idols. We’ve watched Top Gear enough to know that when a host gets to drive the car that was on a poster on their bedroom wall as a kid, it never lives up to their expectations. 

But, with the Honda E it’s different. For once, after all the cars I have driven, I can honestly say; it’s all I wanted it to be and more. 

I love that it looks like EV from the Wall-E movie. The eager little face on it and the happy look it has about it makes it look charming, rather than gormless or simple, as some ‘happy faced’ cars can look. 

The Honda E interior

The interior is even more striking: with a full width array of HD screens, (that your video  wing mirrors are integrated into), and the promise of a games console and Playstation controllers to be plugged in to it. 

Honda E Eastbourne
Honda E interior

On the Honda E dash, there are interactive features like the fish bowl mode. Yes. you can feed the fish that swim around in the ‘bowl’ and watch the scene for much longer than you think you would (It is not a feature that runs whilst driving).

Honda E Eastbourne
Honda E Detail

Driving the Honda E is a familiar experience. There were no surprises, really. It is zippy around town, the power delivery is instant, just like many other EV’s. The handling is grippy and predictable, it feels positively attached to the road and feedback through the wheel is confidence building. 

The Honda E cruises comfortably at motorway speeds, too. Sitting on the road feeling like a much bigger car. This, I think is down to the (as expected) build quality. Road noise is minimal and the whir of the electric motor is actually a pretty nice sound. Overall, the Honda E is a lovely place to be. 

This Honda E was from Collins Honda – Eastbourne and can be booked for test drives now. I highly recommend that you do. And soon. 

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