Day in the Life Photoshoot at AVTPUMP

AvantPhoto Phil directing a photoshoot

Engineering photography at AVTPUMP

Avant Commercial carried out a Day in the Life photoshoot at AVTPUMP to provide photography and video for their website and social media to promote their business. AVTPUMP – A pump service, pump supply and pump repair business, with a commitment to ensuring pump reliability, pump efficiency, and to maximise productivity and profitability.

Avant Commercial photographer Phil Burrowes directs a shoot at AVTPUMP

AVTPUMP rely heavily on historic stills and graphics to illustrate blogs, web pages and social posts for their content marketing. Photos from a Day in the Life Photoshoot, to tell the story of their business, would rejuvenate the website and boost their social channels. Up to date imagery of the brands they service would clearly communicate to customers the remarkable abilities of the team at AVTPUMP.

A plan was made to photograph as many of the pumps as possible. We would show servicing and maintenance tasks being carried out by the skilful engineering team. The staff at AVTPUMP were to feature as much as possible in the photos and video.

Avant Commercial photographer Phil Burrowes photograph of a pump at AVTPUMP

Photography and video for engineering marketing

A gap in AVTPumps image portfolio was identified. There was a lack of photography and video of their engineers striping, servicing, then rebuilding pumps. We had to get a great deal of visual content to strengthen this area within their marketing strategy.

During our day at their Warrington branch, Avant captured footage of an apprentice engineer servicing an HMD Kontro Sealless Pump. It was decided to tell the story of his apprenticeship in photographs that would illustrate internal communications. Social posts about the apprenticeship scheme featuring the photographs have performed excellently, encouraging other young people to apply.

Avant Commercial photographer Phil Burrowes Pump engineer services a pump at AVTPUMP

For the Day in the Life Photoshoot at AVTPUMP we had access to capture video and stills anywhere machinery and staff were in action. The engaging videos and photos present the engineers as valuable, skilled assets, emphasising the scope and capability of services offered by AVTPUMP.
The photos and videos from the Day in the Life Photoshoot are already being used on campaigns on LinkedIn, (provoking a vast amount of brilliant responses) and internally in newsletters, where most of the reactions are staff asking when the other branches will have a day in the life photoshoot.

See more from the shoot in this gallery:

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