Spend your SEISS grant on a Day in the Life Photoshoot

Use your Corona Virus (Covid19) Business Support Grant Funding on a Day in the Life photoshoot.

Day in the life photoshoot Gallery staff installing an exhibition

Using your SEISS grant to buy a Day in the Life Photoshoot and website starter pack of graphic social media cards is a great way to ensure you’re still in business when lockdown ends.

Have you applied for a SEISS grant? How are you going to spend it?
Be honest? A £2000 grant is going to help, right? But have you made a plan for it? What could you really do with that grant money?

With your SEISS Grant you could buy a Day in the Life shoot (BY ME!) providing photography website and a starter pack of valuable and engaging photographs of your business to use on social media!

With prepared social media cards, with great call to actions, contact details or a promotion on, and graphic videos and slideshows of the images to use in your digital marketing. With the investment of your grant into incredible visual content, your online presence will grow and your business will bounce back when the world reopens.

Graphic Card Examples from my own business.

Day in the life photoshoot Example graphic social card for use on social media
Day in the life photoshoot Graphic social media card for use online for marketing.

Will potential customers find your business online when lockdown ends?

Boris Johnson relaxed rules this week. Are you set to allow The World to meet you? Is your social media anywhere near the quality of your competitors?

Have you been longing to improve your website and social media? This is an opportunity to do so.

Ensure the future of your business with content on your website that presents your business to customers currently sitting at home, with nothing to do but use the internet. Let them discover you online and be intrigued by the services and products you offer.

Virgin Media said on 25th March 2020 that daytime internet use was up 90% – now is the perfect time to target this captive audience, to tempt them to engage your services with a shiny new website.

Independent Newspaper Virgin Media article.

Photography for business websites and social media.

I know those Yeezys look amazing. You’d look splendid in them. Your kids will think you’re cool. Hell, you might even look a little younger and you might get a squeeze of your bum as your partner passes you in the hallway. They may wink and suggest a bit of special lockdown time? But, more likely is if you invest the grant in visual content for your website and social media, you’ll be able to buy Nandos and Yeezys for the whole family for years to come.

Soon, you’ll have social media your competitors emulate. Your client list will grow and it’ll be Yeezys for everyone – and a Cheeky Nandos every night. Then, just like during Lockdown, we can all do P.E. with Joe – we’ll have to! Fried chicken is delicious, but needs to be worked off with more than a brisk stroll to the car. (which, if we nail the photography, might be a Ferrari).

Day in the life photoshoot  A carpenter building bespoke clocks,

How much is Photography for my business?

A Day in the Life photoshoot costs £695.

This includes a minimum of 30 images – ready to use on your website and social media.

A pack of prepared social media cards and graphic slides is £295 for 5 ready to use cards. These can be bought in packs as as you go, without the need for further shoots.

This sounds great, what do I need to do?

Or send me an email with some details about your business. What do you do? What do you sell? What services do you provide?

No time for an email? Send me a WhatsApp!

a carpenters plane. sat on a wood workbench

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