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Unique and engaging photography for car sales franchise websites.

Avant Commercial Photographer Phil Burrowes creates bespoke photography for car sales franchise websites and social media. Birchwood group wanted to concentrate their marketing on local car sales and vehicle servicing and repair within West and East Sussex, so they hired him to create photography for their car sales group.

Manufacturers like Ford, Skoda, Kia and Mitsubishi do supply photography for websites and social media, but for everyone that sells their vehicles. This means, many franchises use similar imagery that promotes the brand, but does very little to boost individual franchises, like Birchwood Group.

Birchwood Group wanted their business to benefit from unique photography, to build their digital marketing strategy around imagery featuring real customers, on their own premises being helped by actual team members. Because they have invested in photography, the imagery on their website and social media is now more relevant to their local customers.

Aerial view of FordStore Hastings showroom Car sales franchise photography

Photography for Car Showrooms.

Car sales franchise photography of ford Mustang GT 5.0

Car Photographer Sussex.

Photographer for Birchwood Group

Being a photographer for Birchwood Group meant creating images for Birchwood Ford, Birchwood Skoda, Birchwood Mitsubishi, Birchwood Kia and Destination Triumph.

Car sales franchise photography of red Ford Kuga rear
Car sales franchise photography of red Ford Kuga front

Brand building with unique photography

Using high quality, unique, professional images by Avant Commercial, enhances the brand awareness of the individual franchises. Departing from a reliance on manufacturer supplied images, allows the franchises to project their own identity, meaning the photos connect with customers, and boosts their perceptions of quality, builds trust and grows a familiarity with staff and products at Birchwood Group.

Commissioning a photographer enabled Birchwood Group to promote their commitment to Youth Employment and Youth Apprenticeship schemes. Each team member participated in a Mini Day in the Life shoot, enabling their story to be told and engaging viewers online. Because of this, Birchwood is recognised as an important business that provides jobs and security.

Case Study

Photography of The New Ford Puma

Birchwood Ford presented a proposal, illustrated with photos from Avant Commercial, to be the first franchise to get the new Ford Puma in their showrooms. Birchwood Ford won! On the strength of the imagery, Birchwood Ford was one of the first franchises in the U.K. to get a New Ford Puma. Avant Commercial was one of the first photographers to get to take it out for photographs.

Photos of the New Ford Puma, taken by Avant Commercial, were fundamental in the digital marketing campaign to promote the availability of the new Puma. Test drives were booked and deposits were taken on orders simply from people seeing the photos.

Day in the Life Photoshoots for Car Sales Franchises

By booking a Day in the Life photoshoot, you can get unique and engaging photography for your car sales franchise. It’s an ideal way to promote your business online.

The photos below were taken on separate Day in the Life shoots, for specific campaigns, to document franchise refurbishments and recruitment of new team members.

A typical DITL shoot produces a portfolio of at least 30 images, used well, the images will increase interactions on social media, engaging users, channelling them to your website.

Photos from the shoot are used to:

  • Tell a multitude of stories on social media
  • Produce content rich web pages
  • Liven up company reports
  • Accompany copy in press releases
  • Create case studies to show success stories.
  • Introduce new staff
  • Show commitment to training highly qualified technicians
  • Promote examples of incredible customer care
  • Promote Motability Events and awareness

Your business could benefit from Day in the Life photography, too. You can Increase your influence and engage your customers online, by using unique and exciting photography to tell the story of your business. It’s a story your customers will love to see.

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